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Cylinders, lifting products and systems

As a recognized global leader in high-force tools and equipment, Enerpac has come up with products like General purpose cylinders, Lightweight aluminium cylinders, High tonnage construction cylinders, Low height cylinders, Hollow plunger cylinders, Long-stroke / high-cycle cylinders; Lifting systems and Specialty lifting products for industrial markets.

General Purpose CylindersGeneral Purpose Cylinders

General Purpose Cylinders are offered in RC, RSM, RCS, CLP, RCH, RRH, BRC, BRP and SC series with different capacity and stroke value. These units have a maximum pressure value of 700 bar.


Lightweight Aluminium CylindersLightweight Aluminium Cylinders

Incorporated with the latest in Alloy technology, Lightweight Aluminium Cylinders feature high-strength coatings, seal design and bearing materials for its improved performance.


High Tonnage Construction CylindersHigh Tonnage Construction Cylinders

High Tonnage Construction Cylinders are obtained in different series like CLSG, CLS, CLL and CLRG. These models are ranges from 50 to 1000 ton capacity to meet the diverse needs of the industry.


Low Height CylindersLow Height Cylinders

CLP, RSM, RCS are the available series of Low Height Cylinders. Varies from 5 to 520 range of capacity, these models features a maximum pressure value of 700 bar.


Hollow Plunger CylindersHollow Plunger Cylinders

Hollow Plunger Cylinder models are having a maximum pressure value of 700 bar and feature a centre hole diameter. Come up with different capacity from 13 to 150 ton, these models are available in RCH, RACH and RRH series to choose from.


Long Stroke / High Cycle CylindersLong Stroke / High Cycle Cylinders

Having capacity from 4 to 520 ton, Long Stroke / High Cycle Cylinders can be choose from RR, BRD and BAD series. Designed to meet your specific requisites, these models satisfy your level of expectation in case of performance.


Specialty Lifting ProductsSpecialty Lifting Products

Available in a number of series like LPC, LB, PR, JHA, JH, SOH, these units are accessible in different lifting bag capacity to opt from as per the needed requirement.


Lifting SystemsLifting Systems

These lifting systems are available in PR, SLS, SHS, BLS, SL series to meet the industries on growing demand. Available in different capacities, these lifting systems can perform high-end load positioning.

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