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Work holding

Experience dependable production automation solutions with Enerpac’s full range of well-designed and versatile work holding products.  The Collet-Lok® products series and the high-performance power sources, meet your project challenges effectively. These well-designed and versatile models meet dependable production automation in case of different manufacturing process.

Swing Cylinders

VERTICAL SINGLE STAGE COMPRESSORS Get the benefits of precision and maximum clamping force, plus application flexibility through Swing Cylinders. Packed with flexible design, these models allow easier connections and precise positioning, plus simple installation and removal. Swing Cylinders are available in single and double acting models to choose from.


Work Supports

VERTICAL SINGLE STAGE COMPRESSORS Enerpac’s Work Supports feature multiple mounting configurations for design flexibility; and corrosion resistance and low-pressure lock-up to plug into mechanical tool hydraulic systems. The exclusive Collet-Lok design provides the support to maintain its position even after the hydraulic force is removed.


Linear Cylinders

VERTICAL SINGLE STAGE COMPRESSORS From compact short-stroke spring return cylinders to heavy duty double-acting automation cylinders, Enerpac offers a complete line of Linear Cylinders. Whatever your need is whether to push it, pull it, clamp it, punch it, stamp it, press it or hold it in place for days at a time, the company has the right solution for your requirement.


Power Sources

VERTICAL SINGLE STAGE COMPRESSORS Enerpac has come up with a wide range of Power Sources for simple manual pumps, heavy-duty pumps and even customized electric-driven hydraulic pumps to meet your specific needs. These power sources are versatile, durable and designed for delivering long life and reliability.



VERTICAL SINGLE STAGE COMPRESSORS Enerpac offers a complete line of valves and related accessories to complement any hydraulic system. Available in a wide variety of models and configurations, the valves give you flexible solutions to control your hydraulic system, properly.


System Components

VERTICAL SINGLE STAGE COMPRESSORS Enerpac’s Systems Components include gauges, pressure switches, hoses and couplers in a variety of sizes. Each component is engineered to perform different applications in easier and safer way. Specialized components such as accumulators and automatic coupler systems are also provided with these system components.




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