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Tow Trucks

Electric Tow Trucks are ideal for cargo tugging in various industries and airports. These tow tractor can also be used to haul raw material, material in-process and finished goods across longer distances and multiple loads. Our tow tractors bring simple and efficient drive mechanism with its helical gear train. So, experience powerful yet silent operation in an eco-friendly way with Electric Tow Trucks.


Maini offers fully hydraulic dock levelers to provide loading and unloading of transport vehicles across different height levels. These highly efficient models bring simple and low maintenance operation at a competitive price.  Incorporated with lift tables, these models facilitate lifting large loads across different floor levels in an efficient way.

Fork Lifts:

Yale Brand of Forklifts is available in battery and diesel engine versions with a loading capacity ranges from 800 kilograms to 3000 kilograms. These forklifts are offered in 3 wheel and 4 wheel versions to select from. The patented Yale front forward axle movement helps to increase stability under traction while lifting.

Feri People Carrier:

Designed as per the world class specifications and standards, Feri people carrier can accommodate 2 to 14 persons. Packed with smart design, engineering and technology, these people carrier models ensure zero emission drive within enclosed campuses. They are also available with rear platforms and storage compartments for industrial purposes.

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Tow Trucks
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