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Ingersoll Rand


Ingersoll Rand’s small reciprocating air compressors are combined with proven design and stellar track record for its better performance. These air compressors are designed in such a way to deliver reliable and trustworthy performance to customers that saves money and enhances business success. Our small reciprocating air compressor ranges include three different products like Type 30 single stage compressors, Type 30 two stage compressors and Vacuum pumps.


VERTICAL SINGLE STAGE COMPRESSORS Ingersoll Rand has Air Cooled reciprocating type compressors; tank mounted and completely packaged compressors for small enterprises to meet their compressed air needs. These are available in 1 & 2 HP configuration and ideal for use in petrol stations, painting applications and dental clinics. These models are integrated with proven technology and the latest controls for enhanced performance.  These Type-30 compressors are perfectly suited for intermittent blowing applications, such as single-step injection blow molding or small two-step reheat blow molding processes. Come up with configurations that meet varying needs, Type 30 single stage compressors are optimum solutions for greater efficiency.


HORIZONTAL MULTI STAGE COMPRESSORSType 30 Two Stage Compressors are available from 3 to 20 HP ranges to select from. These air cooled reciprocating compressors deliver higher pressure rating, best in class power and volumetric efficiency. Come up with a proven track record of over 30 years, these compressors deliver lowest operating and maintenance cost.

Type 30 Two Stage Compressors can operate in the most demanding intermediate duty application. These models ensure total dependability even in the most demanding and heavy-duty industrial applications. Fabricated using 100% cast iron construction; these air compressors make sure optimal durability to the end-user.

Vacuum Pumps

HIGH PRESSURE PET COMPRESSORSGet highly operational vacuum pumps from the world’s leader in air compressor and pump manufacturing named Ingersoll Rand. They provide dry type vacuum pumps that are ideal for use in hospitals, vapor extraction and moisture absorption. These models are developed to deliver compactness, economy and dependability to the end user. Ingersoll Rand’s Vacuum Pumps are the number one choice for applications, which demands great operating efficiency and low maintenance. The vacuum pumps are manufactured using 100% cast iron frame and cylinders; thereby delivering long life performance.  For delivering improved cooling and efficiency, these models feature separate cast cylinders with deep fins. The other features integrated with these vacuum pumps are following

  • Low oil level switch standard on all packages to prevent compressor from potential damages due to low oil level.
  • Easily accessible stainless steel valve and one piece connecting rod improves serviceability and reduces cost of maintenance.
  • Maximum vacuum of 29” Hg.
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